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we begin with a new report about the nse on bart trains that riders need to hear. >> can that noise cause damage to your hearing? terry sweeney joins us now from the bart station in oakland. terry? >> yeah. the report this morning san francio chronicl says for bart passengers it's loud. the passengers we spoke with said they already knew at but didn't know exactly how loud. and when we told them, the response was deafening. that is what it sounded like this morning as we rode bart in the trans bay tube. the reading of 100 decibels the same as a jack hammer.
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you can't have a conversation. maybe the reason nobody tried to have one. the high-pitched irritaon lasted perhaps a minute, not long enough to cause hearing loss. >> while you go on for hours and hours, this is pretty much 20 or 30-second stretch. >> johnson says the high-pitched screech is caused by the trains rolling over tiny ripples in the tracks which is caused by steel on steel and most prevalent where the elevation changes. bart riders talk about the jack hammer comparison. >> and that's a good analogy, definitely. jack hammer. >> definitely. >> jack hammer? well, i mean, it's hard to hold a conversation. so but that's kind of extreme. i wouldn't descre it as that loud. >> i live across the street from the bart station and i find it's not so bad living next to it but when i'm in it it's actually worse. >> a right. >> so i would be happy that there would be some improvement in the sound quality.
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>> these rail grinders purchased a few years ago for $4.5 million each smooth out those noise ripples. it's better than just abo anywhere else in the nation >> we're one of the quietest in the country and it's all because that. >> they don't remove all the noise but for short rides they make the tr hazard free. >> while the trans bay tube may be the worst, wherever you go on bart tre's always a certn noise level, decibels in the 70s like a hair drier in some places, 80s like a diesel engine all the way to 100 like the jack hammer. you might want to consider ear plugs. in oakland, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. the search for a missing hercules man is now in its fifth day at a pittsburgh landfill. searchers are opening to find crews that lead to frederick sales' whereabouts. they expect it will take two more days to sift through the
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trash. authorities believe sales may be the fifth victim which includes sales' father, girlfriend a two vallejo women. the chp killed. >> a gang member faces charges of shooting a police officer. charles you was trying to serve a sech warrant. they arreste him with attempted murder. officer youn has undergone several surgeries and remains sedated and in intensive care but doctors are expecti him to make a full recovery. the police departme is holding another blood drive for officer young today at 2:00, until 2:00 that is at the blood bank of the redwoods on sonoma avenue. blood banks report a 50% increase in donations since officer young was shot and the call went out fo donors.
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>> cled off the search for a woman who made a distress call last night. the coast guard received a radio call about 9:15 from a cryptic female voice saying listen to me, i have a may day. searchers managed to trace that call to an area near tiburon. they searched for narly two hours last nit and again this morning but found nothing. >> sometimes we do receive distress calls th end up not turning into anything. either we don' find anything or we do find somee who was not in distress when they made the phone call. however,e do respond to every distress call and may day call as if it was true emergency. >> there were also no reports of any missing boaters, no recreationaloats missing in the area. the coast guard urges anyking a their position and nature of emergency. neither was give enemy this case. crews rern to the petaluma river to resume cleaning up an oil spill. the depament of fish and game says an old tugboat was being chopped up for scrap metal when
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it leaked an estimated 200 to 600 gallons of oil. no sickened wildlife has turned up and most of the slick has broken up and washed away. environmentasts say they'll continue to monitor the situation. >> the future of three richmond schools will be decided tonight. closing kennedy high and two other elementary schls in richmond would save the west contra costachool district $1.5 million. the district faces funding problems because of state budget crises. the closer would affect about 900 students and thousands of othersrom nearby schools. >> if the city of richmond does not approve $1.5 million tomorr night, then the board will tak immediate action to close the school and send kids off to othe schools like richmond high or el cerrito high. >> one council member points to a potential source of money to help keep the schools open. richmond recently reived a settlement from chef ran for $114 million over 1 years.
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however, the two sides are fighting over how much chevron should pay in utility taxes. >> the eight fatal whooping coughs show doctors were slow to diagnose the illness every time. all eight cases involve babi and now investigation b the l.a. times find that all had been taken to a clinic or hospital several times before doctors acrately diagnosed them. health officials are now urging physicians to assume that any infant under six months of sage who were having trouble breathing has wooping cough. it has reached epidemic levels in color with 600 indicatess reported so far. >> the landscape people see as they drive over the dumbarton bridge is now dramatically different. today senator feinstein and other dignitaes launched the completion of the latest wetlands restoration project. more than a year crews used heavy machinery to turn the 238 acres of the cargo salt pond into rich marsh lands for dozs of bird species.
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the project is part of a massive effort bay areawi to restore the bay from claire county to napa. >> the government has a warning about two popular green tea drinks. that story a little later. >> but first a florida pastor's plan for burning the karan are still in place despite a warning from the top u.s. general i spend three hours on my homework -- or at least that's what my mom thinks.
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>> the gunman wearing an iraqi army uniform killed two u.s. soldiers in northeriraq today. officials say the americans were among a group meeting with iraqi security forces at an army compound. they are the first u.s. military deaths since the end of combat operations week ago. >> a church refusing to call off its plans to burn copies of the karan, the muslim holy book, des spied warngs from a top military leader it will put americ soldiers in danger. past terry jones in gainesville said he'll ahead with the event to prott the 9/11 terror attackings. the event sparked rebukes from muslim nations, international protests and opposition from city officials. general peaeus warned the images would endanger u.s. troops. >> they wouldse them to inflame public opinion and
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incite violence against sold and civilians. >> it uld be trag if because of this one person died. but at the same time we do not feel resnsible for that. >> jones has left the door open to change his mind saying hs still praying about the decision. the white house says president obama will mark the 9th anniversary of the septber 11th attacks at the penton this saturd. vice president joe biden will be in new york. first lady michelle obvusly and laura bush will be in pennsylvania marking crash site 93. >> she met the flood victims from that nation's worst national disaster. jolie visited a refugee camp as a good will ambaador for the united nations agency. they hope itill convince foreig countries and individus to open their wallets. the foreign aid money has
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stalled in recent days. >> the flood water was as high as the ceiling when you see the mark and i was surprised. the needs need to be addressed and all the homes are washed away and not just a tent, it's a home and collapsed and it's mu and their entire life. many of them lost their children during the flood. so it's terrible. >> 17 miion people have been facted by last month's floods and many will need emergency assistance to survive. the u.n. is hoping to raise another $166 milln for its pakistan disaster fun >> republicans in congress are already hammering presidt obama's plan to boost the economy by cutting taxes on small business ande hasn't even anunced it yet. the announcement comes tomorrow. now for the first time a majority of americans polled disapproved the job the president is doing john hendron reports from washington. president obama is back in campaign mode talking hope. >> i personally think, yes, we can is more inspirg than no,
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we can't. >> with tw months before the midtm election, a washingn post poll finds more americans say, no, he hasn't. 52% now disapprove of the way mr. obama is handling his job and say he made the econo worse. >> before he was in office everything was nice and strong. the economy, don't know what's gonna happen next. >> voters now favor an unnamed republican over a democratic in their congressional district by a 53-40% margin, the widest margin on record. >> the summer kicked off wi joe biden predicting a gain of 500,000 jobs per month. instead we've lost 400,000 jobs. >> the president in milwaukee yesterday sounded a lot like candidatobama. >> i am gon keep fighting every single day, every single hour, every single minute! to turn this economy around! >> but it's an uphill struge. it's been so bad for so long that these are attitudes that
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are very difficult to change until facts and conditions on the ground change. >> most economists see littl hope for a big change in the economy by novber. >> it's not just the house that's in play, there's a growing consensus the senate is at stake. republican would need to net ten seats, a long shot, but perhaps now a possibility. washington >> meteorologist mike cco has the forecas >> don't you wis the economy could change as quickly as the weather around here lately. we'd be very happy. a look from mount tam looking from the west. they are back. so is the cooler weather. not on 20 degrees today b even more cooling tomorrow. we'll show u how low we'll go. >> mike, thank you very much. >> flight attendant accused of throwing a tantrum on board will have to do possibly jail time. >> how pg&e smart mets may be to blame for extra sounds coming from by monitors. i know. i know i need to quit this.
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oh, hi, it's me.
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>> firefighters in colorado plans to increase the attack of a wildfire tha destyed dozens of home northwest of boulr. 3,000 people have been forced to evacuate.
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winds have calmed down and that's going to law them to dump fire retardant from the air. the cause of the fire is under investigation. there's no indication it was intentionally set. e high winds are the problem in parts of texas. tropical storm dumped between 5 inches and a foot of rain crossing into texas last night. thousands are without power. so far no reports of injuries or major damage and no evacuations have been ordered. >> every time we see weather like that there, we're so lucky to be here. >> aren't we! >> don't have a story about anything tropical, not even rain in the frecast other than drizzle tomorrow morning and maybe thursday morning. a look outside, show you the transition taking place from emeryville. back to san francisco. and we're still seeing a little bit of fog rolling across san francisco, the golden gate and reaching over to the east bay hills. one other perspective. yesterdayt was in the 80s around santa cruz.
11:49 am
there were a lot of people there. today there'sone and it's cloudy. of course we all went back to work and school but it is cloudy and cool at the boardwalk today. let's take a look at the clouds from a different perspective. you see it overrunning san francisco over towards oakland and berkeley. the temperatures on there. you can see it's stl mid to upper 50s, san rafaelow to mid-60s most of the bay. east bay upper 60s to low 70s. clouds just now leaving gilroy at 68 but still pretty thick everywhere else around the monterey baynd inland. for toda it will be cooler and breezy. cloudy mainly at the coast other than that little patch of fog we showed overrunning san francisco. cloudy everywhere tonight. look for drizzle, eecially along the coast, possibly high elevations around the bay. the coolest weather tomorrow into thursday. look like we'll have a mild weeken what i mean, not too warm, not too chilly. pretty comrtable this time of year. here is how impressive today's drop in temperatures are, 15
11:50 am
concord, santa rosa. 18 san jose, oakland 19. redwood city, san francisco 20 and 22 degrees cooler than yesterday. sunnyvale 72. everne else mid to upper 70s. san jose about 75. san mateo, your neighbors upper 60s. the rest of th peninsula, low to mid-70s. crisp day along the coast upper 50s. south san francisco, sausalito, san rafael 73. looks like mid to upper 70s through most of the north bay valleys but upper 50s with clouds at your coast. a lile sunshine but still really cool. richmond to hayward, mid to upper 60s. low 70s for the rest of th east bay shore. san ramon vaey, upper 70s from concord to brentwood, fairfield and livermore low to mid-80s but no more air conditioner weather. mid to upper 60s monterey bay with stubborn clouds staying put. mid-70s gilr and morgan hill. coliseum, got a game, nothing like yesterday's afternoon game.
11:51 am
chilly an cool, 66. most neighborhoods drizzle most likely along the coast and pockets ain in higher elevations around the bay. you may drive into some of it during your morning commute. notice thi big buckle. this is the colder air coming from canada tonight. nights longer and longer and the cold air buildin the cold front will move through tomorrow. out ahead we stir the current back onshore and that's why we see the cloud and drizzle the front rolls tough tomorrow, incases the breezes and cool air. by wednesday 20 to 25 degrees cooler than we were yesterday. here's a look at our drop. another 5 to 10 degrees tomorrow we'll be in the low to mid-70s inland with mid to upper 60s around bay. sunshine f thursday, about 4 degrees warmer. another 4 degrees warmer on friday and friday through the weekend. we'll have 60 degree temperures at the coast, low to mid-70s around the bay and
11:52 am
low 80s inland. that's fairly comfortab i think. >> yeah. the federal govement is warning the makers of two popular drinks to stop making unsubsntiated claims about the nutritional valu of the product. labels on cana dry sparkling green tea ginger ail claim the drink is fortified with p. a. oxidants. a letter from the fd a says the beverage does not meet the federal guidelines tmake those claims. an august 23rd letter tells lipton its green tea can prevent high cholesterol. the companies have 15 days to answer the allegations. >> the former jet blue flight attendant acced of sliding down an exsu a beer will be mentally evaluated for a possible plea deal. he appeared in a courtroom today. he could qualify for an alternativetive sentencing program. that means he could fa community service instead of jail. he's charged with reckless
11:53 am
endangerment and trespassing after last month's meltdown aboard a jetblue flight. slater considered aorking class hero left the airline last week. >> there appears to be another reason that pg&e customers dislike those new smart meters. the devices reportedly can interfere with baby monitors, cordless phones, patio spears and wireless head sets. our media partner, the san je mercur news says it received dozens o complaints about the problem. pg&e admitd in a 2009 report to the public utilities commission that it had found a limited number of cases of interference with consumer electronics when the mete transmit the data backe utility. >> coming up next, have you done a search on google lately? >> doodlein their lives e only christians.
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and that should be a model for us. and then... you would be a terrorist today had jesus rist not entered your heart. what happened to you? next time on...
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>> today on oprah at 4:00, women that claim they were child brides. schools chatring new territory by taking the curriculum online. and cast or splint for broken bones. which treaent is best? those stories at 5:00. >> when you visit google's home page today, you'll be greeted by a new mystery. >> this time the sear engine's home page is bouncing ball that is you can chase around the page with your mouse and look what happens. they gradually form the google logo. >> the mystery why the company
11:57 am
created it. google usually creates a special doodle to mark events but they you almost always allow users to click on the logo and find out why. this time the only thing the company will say is today's doodle is fast, fun, and interaive the way searches should be. >> keep trying to play it here but that's not working. why don't we talk to mike. >> yeah. you'll take the place. >> okay. we're chasing temperatures as you can see downward. what a spiral. 20, 25 degrees cooler as we hit the low water mark tomorrow. look for drizzle for your morning commute also. >> thank y very much. and thank you for joining us. >> "who wants to be a millnaire" is am cog up next. >> if i cld build this big, strong body... this mor... around myself, then nobody could hurt me again. i felt
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